Customer comments

"Steve takes personal pride in his work and it shows in the results. Our trees have an overall more balanced and aesthetically pleasing look after the pruning. We found the estimate for the work more than fair in price. Steve also shared some tips on maintaining the look and health of our shrubs and bushes."

Karen and Joel
Fairway Village, Vancouver

"All of Steve's work was exceptional. My trees now look natural and cared for. One major project was to reshape a 24-year old poorly maintained Osmanthus into a lower, hedge form by removing about 1/3 of the shrub. Steve made it look natural, vs. the 'sheared ball' I'd lived with for so long."

KC, Vancouver

"...thanking you again for a beautiful job well done! My trees are happy, healthy and watered! Not to mention my happy, healthy pruners... We are very pleased!"

Clare and Orson, Cedar Mill

"I look forward to seeing my Alchymist climbing rose bloom next year, now that it is properly trimmed and trained over the arbor. Steve started with a tangle of two roses, clearing out dead wood and redirecting the very long and out of control canes. The result is a much cleaner look and healthier growing conditions for the rose."

Karen, Salmon Creek

"I am truly amazed at the huge improvement in the look and feel of my Forest Pansy Redbud tree after your work this week. The way you opened the canopy and removed the little dead branches makes me believe the tree will be able to remain in its very cramped location for a few more years. I know when you return, after the leaves have fallen, to do some serious branch removal, the view from my windows will be even better. I thank you for your prompt response to my needs, the thoroughness of your explanations and education, and a job well done. Truly a great value all around."

Ann, Fairway Village

"Just a quick note to let you know how happy I am with the pruning job you did to allow my Direct TV dish to once again operate to its potential. You took the time and care to meet my primary objective while still making it look Like you were never there. Cleaned up after yourself and were a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend your services to anyone interested in taking care of their trees."

Doug H., Vancouver

"Steve provided expert advice on my trees and shrubs. He is a true master at what he does. He will make your trees more beautiful and provide you with the knowledge to keep them that way.

Joanne and Dallas, Salmon Creek

"Steve is a very caring and knowledgeable arborist. He has turned some very sad looking shrubs and trees into works of art. I marvel at his patience and diligence while working to either repair someone's poor pruning job or restoring as well as maintaining shrubs and trees. His ideas for shrub and tree placements are the best, too. My garden is near the "sparkle" stage now!"

F. Hannah, Vancouver

"I have Steve to thank for his knowledge and expertise as a dedicated arborist and for his time and patience in finding the appropriate tree that would thrive in the problem area in front of my house which is mostly clay soil and exposed to direct sun all day. He was able to discover the disease in my existing tree and remove it. I would certainly recommend pruningpro to anyone that needs this professional type of service."

Barbara W., Vancouver

"Thank you for the great results! I stand in the kitchen looking out and see order and natural shapes. Previously, I looked at that bizarre shaped magnolia and would stress because I kept assuming it was hopeless. The Cotoneaster looks so good . . . not unruly and actually, I can appreciate its free-spirit type of style better now that it has been tamed. I am looking forward to the weekend with my sharp clippers."

Mary E., Vancouver

"Steve, Thanks so much for your careful attention to detail and for working collaboratively with us. We are very pleased with the final project and look forward to working with you in the future."

Jim and Patti C.
Fairway Village, Vancouver

"Steve has done considerable pruning work in our yard working with all kinds of trees, shrubs, bushes and plants. We could not be more happy than we are with his work. Our vegetation had been neglected for some time and Steve has now brought new life and created an entirely new look to our yard. We especially like the care Steve took with our hedges, Japanese maples, magnolia, and camellia. Steve never appeared to be anxious to just get in, get his payment, and get out. He cares about the vegetation and approaches his work with great professionalism. He is knowledgeable about plant life and takes pride in his work. He worked carefully with us to make sure that the work he did fit with the budget we had set aside. If you are looking for a real professional, not just someone to shear off and lessen the size of your vegetation, Steve is that someone."

Jim and Joanne W.
Fairway Village, Vancouver