Intelligent pruning requires knowledge of plant anatomy, plant physiology, and art, as well as some sharp tools and some physical energy

Call for an honest estimate of your pruning project. The Pruning Pro provides a total estimate up front, so you will know the cost before work begins. While discussing the pruning project, your trees or shrubs are evaluated for species, size, location and condition, followed by a plan that meets your goals and brings out the best in your plants.

Pruning Trees and Shrubs

Pruning for Safety

  • Remove branches that overhang a walkway or driveway
  • Remove branches too close to home, building, fence or other structure
  • Remove lower branches ('limb up') to allow more space under canopy

Pruning for Health

  • Remove dead, dying and diseased wood
  • Remove branches that rub (creating an entry point for pests and disease)
  • Thin to allow more air and light throughout the canopy

Pruning for Size and Aesthetics

  • Selective pruning using canopy reduction techniques
  • Shaping for a balanced look
  • Seasonal pruning for tree or shrub type
  • Shear small leaf shrubs and hedges
  • Prune large leaf shrubs for natural form

Specialized Pruning


Pruning techniques for a healthy, well-shaped bush with the best blooming potential is specific to the type of rose you have. The most common roses found in NW gardens are:

  • Hybrid teas
  • Floribundas
  • Grandifloras
  • Miniatures
  • Climbing Roses
  • Shrub Roses
  • Old Garden Roses

It is important to know the category of rose you have before pruning. A Hybrid Tea will set just one flower per year on a stem, but Floribundas, if pruned properly, will give you new blooms for your vase or floral arrangement throughout the season.


  • Restrict growth of younger or smaller needle-bearing trees
  • Prune older, larger conifers correctly for balance and aesthetic appeal
  • Remove suckers and lower limbs of small or large trees

Note: The largest trees (douglas firs, large cedars, etc.) need a certified arborist with the training and equipment to get high in the canopy. The Pruning Pro can recommend highly skilled local large-tree service outfits.

Flowering and Other Shrubs

  • Proper pruning for shrubs that set buds and bloom on last year's stems
  • Proper pruning for shrubs that set buds and bloom on this year's new stems
  • Shear small-leaf shrubs and hand prune large-leaf shrubs
  • Maintain topiary forms
  • Prune for natural growth forms

Fruit Trees

  • Prune to reduce overall tree size
  • Prune for fruit production
  • Prune for structural strength and to induce branching
  • Remove vertical water sprouts
  • Tip prune or spur prune where appropriate

Tool Maintenance

Hand Pruners and Loppers

  • Clean, sharpen, disinfect and lubricate

Customer Comments

"Steve takes personal pride in his work and it shows in the results. Our trees have an overall more balanced and aesthetically pleasing look after the pruning. We found the estimate for the work more than fair in price. Steve also shared some tips on maintaining the look and health of our shrubs and bushes."

Karen and Joel
Fairway Village, Vancouver

"All of Steve's work was exceptional. My trees now look natural and cared for. One major project was to reshape a 24-year old poorly maintained Osmanthus into a lower, hedge form by removing about 1/3 of the shrub. Steve made it look natural, vs. the 'sheared ball' I'd lived with for so long."

KC, Vancouver

"...thanking you again for a beautiful job well done! My trees are happy, healthy and watered! Not to mention my happy, healthy pruners... We are very pleased!"

Clare and Orson, Cedar Mill

"I look forward to seeing my Alchymist climbing rose bloom next year, now that it is properly trimmed and trained over the arbor. Steve started with a tangle of two roses, clearing out dead wood and redirecting the very long and out of control canes. The result is a much cleaner look and healthier growing conditions for the rose."

Karen, Salmon Creek

"I am truly amazed at the huge improvement in the look and feel of my Forest Pansy Redbud tree after your work this week. The way you opened the canopy and removed the little dead branches makes me believe the tree will be able to remain in its very cramped location for a few more years. I know when you return, after the leaves have fallen, to do some serious branch removal, the view from my windows will be even better. I thank you for your prompt response to my needs, the thoroughness of your explanations and education, and a job well done. Truly a great value all around."

Ann, Fairway Village